Data Visualization


Optic CO2 is a project about making CO2 visible from NASA collected data. During the research phase we realised that it was much more interesting to look at raw data and actual facts about CO2 instead of politically influenced opinions about the topic. We also found it interesting that only few people know that NASA does almost as much work and research on the earth as they do in space. Aimed at giving a neutral and unbiased look at one of NASA’s many datasets on CO2, we took a look at the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere in contrast to normal measurements at earth level. By doing so, we attempted to compress complex data to a comprehensive visual form to make global data and knowledge from NASA locally understandable.

Role: Research, Art Direction and Motion Graphics
Creative Fields: Data Visualization, Graphic Design and Motion Graphics
Copyright: All Rights Reserved


Attempting to make CO2 visible from a neutral and objective perspective, our project is finalised in form of a campaign film that lets you, the audience, make your own opinion on the matter. Our project should be seen as an example of how you can expand what kind of work NASA does on the earth to a broader audience. We see this campaign film as one of many possible films that can be used as an introduction to NASA’s lesser known projects on the earth in an educational context schools. In addition, we see it as a tool to start a discussion and encourage children to reflect on CO2 based on the given facts.